Unicorn On Tour Bag and Oche Only

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Unicorn Dartboard Bag

Unicorn On Tour Bag and Oche

Key Features

  • Designed for: Safe and convenient transport of dartboards and oche
  • Functionality: Protects dartboards from damage during movement
  • Use Cases: Perfect for taking your dartboard and oche to friends' houses or any other locations

Design and Usability

The Unicorn On Tour Bag is meticulously crafted to ensure that your dartboard and oche are safely and securely stored during transport. Its robust construction minimizes the risk of any damage to the dartboard, ensuring it remains in optimal condition for gameplay. With its spacious design, it can comfortably house both the dartboard and the oche, making it a comprehensive solution for darts enthusiasts on the move.

Protection and Durability

Understanding the importance of a dartboard's condition for optimal gameplay, the bag is designed to provide maximum protection against potential dings, scratches, or other damages. Whether you're traveling to a friend's house or heading to a competition, the Unicorn On Tour Bag ensures your dartboard arrives in pristine condition, ready for the next game.

Convenience and Functionality

More than just protection, the bag offers unmatched convenience for dart players. Its ergonomic design ensures easy transport, while the dedicated compartments for the dartboard and oche keep everything organized and readily accessible. So whether you're setting up for a casual game or a competitive match, the Unicorn On Tour Bag ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips.

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More Information
Custom LabelGeen
EAN code054722450018
Accessory MaterialNylon
Accessory ColorBlack