Unicorn Gripper 4 Shafts

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Unicorn Gripper 4 Nylon Dart Shafts: For the True Unicorn Enthusiast

The Gripper 4 Nylon shafts by Unicorn represent the pinnacle of technical innovation and design. These shafts, with an impressive length of 47 mm, 41 mm, 35.0, 29mm(excluding the thread) and a weight of 1.18, 1.03, 0,78 and 0,67 grams, are specifically designed for dart players who have high demands. They are available in various colors and sizes, ensuring a perfect match for every style.

Exclusive to Unicorn Darts at DartsWarehouse

An important note: The Unicorn Gripper 4 shafts have been exclusively developed for use with Unicorn Darts. This ensures an optimal fit and performance. Whether you are already an avid Unicorn darter or considering becoming one, with these shafts, you'll maximize your game. Buy your Gripper 4 shafts here at DartsWarehouse and experience the difference for yourself.

Gripper 4: Where Quality and Specialization Converge

With the Gripper 4 Nylon shafts, Unicorn once again demonstrates why the brand is beloved among professionals and hobbyists. These shafts, with their sleek design and unparalleled quality, are an absolute must-have for any serious dart player. If you choose Unicorn, choose the best match with the Gripper 4 shafts. Buy now at DartsWarehouse and elevate your dart game to new heights.

Size Material Length (mm) Weight (grams)
Long Nylon 47 1.18
Medium Nylon 41 1.03
Short Nylon 35 0.78
X-Short Nylon 29 0.67
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Custom LabelGeen
SKUUN-78901 <-> UN-78916
ColourBlack, White, Blue, Red , Clear
Length47 mm
MaterialPoly Carbonate