Unicorn Colossus 80% 33 gram

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Unicorn Darts Set

Step Up Your Game with Unicorn Colossus 80% 33g Steeltip Darts

Enhanced Ringed Grip

The ringed grip on the Unicorn Colossus 80% provides a consistent and reliable hold, giving players the confidence to make every throw count.

Bold Bomb Shape Design

The distinctive bomb shape of these darts ensures a unique and concentrated weight distribution, offering a different feel that can benefit those with a shorter throwing action.

Dynamic Color Scheme

Finished in an eye-catching silver and orange color, these barrels not only perform excellently but also stand out in style and appearance.

Unicorn's Mark of Quality

As with all Unicorn products, the Colossus 80% darts come with the pedigree of one of the most respected brands in darts, ensuring quality and durability.


Weight Tungsten % Barrel Length (mm) Barrel Diameter (mm)
33g Steeltip 80% 48 8.8
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More Information
EAN code054722299013
Custom LabelGeen
Darts Weight33 gram
Material80% Tungsten
ColourSilver, Orange