Unicorn Amethyst 1 90%

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Unicorn Darts Set

Refine Your Throw with Unicorn Amethyst 1 90% Darts

Precision Engineering

With a finely ringed grip, the Unicorn Amethyst 1 90% darts are crafted for precision and consistent hand placement, ensuring a stable throw every time.

Elite Material for Elite Players

Comprised of 90% tungsten, these darts offer a slim profile and greater weight-to-volume ratio, allowing for tighter groupings and higher scoring potential.

Lustrous Dual-Tone Design

The barrels boast an elegant silver finish complemented by rich purple accents, offering a distinctive aesthetic without compromising on functionality.

Optimal Balance and Control

Available in 19g and 21g, the straight barrel design provides a balanced feel in hand, giving players of all levels the control they seek in a competitive dart.

Unicorn - The Choice of Champions

As a product of Unicorn, the renowned brand behind some of the world's best darts, the Amethyst 1 90% reflects a legacy of excellence and innovation in darts craftsmanship.

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More Information
Material90% Tungsten
ColourSilver, Purple