Bull's Typhoon 2.5 gram shafts

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Aluminium Bull's Shafts

The Typhoon 2.5 Shafts.

These shafts are very hefty and add at least 2.5 grams to the darts. It works nicely with soft tip darts to weight them down. The Bull's Typhoon Shaft is constructed of stainless steel and comes with a rubber ring.

Length excluding thread (in millimeters): Weight (in grams):
In Between: 42 3.05
Medium: 48 3.21
Long: 53 3.31
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Custom LabelGeen
SKUBU-55850 BU-55851 BU-55852
EAN code8719075964880 8719075964903 8719075964897
Shaft ColorBlack, Silver
Shaft SizeIn Between, Medium, Long
Shaft Weight3,01 - 3,25 gram
Shaft MaterialNylon, Aluminium