Target Swiss Points Storm

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TA-340055 -> TA-340060 & TA-340147 TA-340148 TA-340149
26-30-35 mm Target Dart Points.

Target Swiss Points Storm Dart Points: Precision and Innovation Combined

Experience the pinnacle of dart accuracy with Target's Swiss Storm Point. This point is the result of an advanced combination of Swiss Point Technology and Target Darts' popular Storm Range profile. Designed for the modern dart player, this point embodies a fusion of high-quality technology and advanced engineering.

Innovative Technology and Durability

The Swiss Storm Points are crafted from robust stainless steel and further reinforced through a vacuum hardening process. This technique enhances the durability and stability of the point, allowing you to enjoy unmatched precision for a longer time.

Sleek Design for Optimal Performance

These dart points seamlessly fit against the barrel, reducing flight deflection and ensuring a smooth grip. This slim design creates a seamless transition between point and barrel, contributing to an enhanced throwing experience.

Compatible with Target's SP Darts

The Swiss Storm Points are compatible with all SP (Swiss Point) darts from Target. This means you can quickly customize the length, style, and color of your points in just seconds. The changes are easy to make with the convenient, pocket-sized Swiss Point tool.

Why Choose Swiss Points Storm?

  • Seamless Integration: Fits perfectly on SP darts for a streamlined look and feel.
  • Quick Adjustments: Change the style of your dart points quickly and effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Designed to increase your precision and consistency.

Maximize Your Dart Performance

The Target Swiss Points Storm is more than just a dart point; it's an investment in your dart success. Choose these points and experience a new level of accuracy and adaptability in your game.


Colour Length SKU
Silver 26 mm TA-340055
Silver 30 mm TA-340056
Gold 26 mm TA-340057
Gold 30 mm TA-340058
Black 26 mm TA-340059
Black 30 mm TA-340060
Silver 35 mm TA-340147
Gold 35 mm TA-340148
Black 35 mm TA-340149
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Custom LabelGeen
SKUTA-340055 -> TA-340060 & TA-340147 TA-340148 TA-340149
EAN code5050807078059 -> 5050807078103
Accessory MaterialSteel