Target Swiss Points Storm Nano

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TA-340080 -> TA-340087 & TA-340150 TA-340151 TA-340152
26-30-35 mm Target Dart Points.

Target Swiss Storm Nano Dart Points: Ultimate Precision and Innovation

Experience the pinnacle of dart accuracy with Target's Swiss Storm Nano Point. These innovative dart points combine advanced Swiss Point Technology with Target Darts' popular Storm Range profile. Designed for dart players striving for perfection, the Swiss Storm Nano Points set a new standard in the world of darts.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Performance

Constructed from durable stainless steel and reinforced through a vacuum hardening process, these dart points offer both strength and durability. The Swiss Storm Nano Points seamlessly fit against the barrel, reducing flight deflection and providing unparalleled grip and control during gameplay.

Compatible with Target's SP Darts

The Swiss Storm Nano Points are fully compatible with all SP (Swiss Point) darts from Target. With the innovative design, you can change the length, style, and color of your points in seconds. This can be easily done with the convenient, pocket-sized Swiss Point tool, making adjustments quick and effortless.

Why Choose Swiss Storm Nano?

  • Easy Customization: Quickly adjust the points to your preferences with the Swiss Point tool.
  • Advanced Technology: Benefit from the latest innovations in dart technology for a superior experience.
  • Seamless Integration: The points seamlessly fit onto the barrel, creating a streamlined look and improved performance.

Enhance Your Game with Swiss Storm Nano

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, Target's Swiss Storm Nano Points provide you with the precision and comfort you need to elevate your game. Choose Swiss Storm Nano and experience a new dimension of darts.

Colour Length SKU
Silver 26 mm TA-340080
Silver 30 mm TA-340081
Silver 35 mm TA-340150
Gold 26 mm TA-340083
Gold 30mm TA-340084
Gold 35mm TA-340151
Black 26 mm TA-340086
Black 30 mm TA-340087
Black 35 mm TA-340152
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SKUTA-340080 -> TA-340087 & TA-340150 TA-340151 TA-340152
EAN code5050807079667 -> 5050807079735
Accessory MaterialSteel