Target 2BA Swiss Converter

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Target 2BA Swiss Converter

The Swiss Point Converter – Transform Your Soft Tip Barrels to Swiss Point

Introducing the revolutionary Swiss Point Converter, a game-changing accessory that empowers you to convert your soft tip barrels and make them compatible with Target Swiss Points. Much like a conversion point, this tool provides a seamless way to interchange different points and lengths within seconds.

Main Features:

  • Easy Conversion: Similar to a conversion point, the Swiss Point Converter makes it easy to adapt your soft tip barrels for Target Swiss Points.
  • Quick Interchangeability: Experience the flexibility of swapping various points and lengths in mere seconds, enhancing your game's customization.
  • Utilize Swiss Tools: Inserting the Tungsten Billet Converter into your Soft Tip Dart allows you to employ Swiss tools, inserting Target Swiss Points just like you would in an SP Steel Tip dart.

Upgrade your darts experience with the Swiss Point Converter and embrace the versatility and precision of Target Swiss Points. Your game will never be the same again!

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Custom LabelGeen
EAN code5050807078417
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
Accessory MaterialAluminium