All dartboard surrounds of all major brands

On this page, you will find all of the dartboard surrounds at Darts Warehouse. A dartboard surround is also referred to as a dart ring. A dartboard surround shields your wall from darts thrown next to the board. On this page, you will find our entire selection of dartboard surrounds. A dartboard surround is a must-have for any darter who owns his or her own dartboard. The dartboard surround protects both the wall and the darts. The surround ensures that there are no holes in the wall and that the points of the darts do not break or wear down when they land next to the board. These dartboard surrounds are made of high-quality Polyurethane (PU), a soft material that securely holds the darts without damaging them. Because they only need to be clamped around the board, the surrounds are simple to install. The surrounds are all the same size and can be used on any dartboard. Because the surrounds are universal, you are not restricted to any particular brand and can select the surround that best fits your dartboard.

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25 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Target Mod SurroundTarget Mod Surround
    Target Mod Surround
  2. Winmau Surround Plain WhiteWinmau Surround Plain White
    Winmau Surround Plain White
  3. Winmau Surround Plain OrangeWinmau Surround Plain Orange
    Winmau Surround Plain Orange
  4. Winmau Surround Plain GreenWinmau Surround Plain Green
    Winmau Surround Plain Green
  5. Bull's Advantage Surround BlackBull's Advantage Surround Black
    Bull's Advantage Surround Black
  6. Bull's Advantage Surround RedBull's Advantage Surround Red
    Bull's Advantage Surround Red
  7. Bull's Advantage Surround BlueBull's Advantage Surround Blue
    Bull's Advantage Surround Blue
  8. Bull's Dartboard Lite Surround BlackBull's Dartboard Lite Surround Black
    Bull's Dartboard Lite Surround Black
  9. Unicorn Sigma SurroundUnicorn Sigma Surround
    Unicorn Sigma Surround
  10. Unicorn Noir SurroundUnicorn Noir Surround
    Unicorn Noir Surround
  11. Jupiler Professional Surround BlackJupiler Professional Surround Black
    Jupiler Professional Surround Black
  12. Bull's Logo Surround BlackBull's Logo Surround Black
    Bull's Logo Surround Black
  13. Club Brugge Dartboard SurroundClub Brugge Dartboard Surround
    Club Brugge Dartboard Surround
  14. Bull's Dartbord Lite Surround RedBull's Dartbord Lite Surround Red
    Bull's Dartbord Lite Surround Red
  15. Bull's Dartboard Lite Surround BlueBull's Dartboard Lite Surround Blue
    Bull's Dartboard Lite Surround Blue
  16. Bull's Guard 4-piece Surround BlackBull's Guard 4-piece Surround Black
    Bull's Guard 4-piece Surround Black
  17. Shot 4pce Dartboard surround BlackShot 4pce Dartboard surround Black
    Shot 4pce Dartboard surround Black
  18. Shot 1pce Dartboard Surround BlackShot 1pce Dartboard Surround Black
    Shot 1pce Dartboard Surround Black
  19. Shot 1pce Dartboard Surround RedShot 1pce Dartboard Surround Red
    Shot 1pce Dartboard Surround Red
  20. Bull's Guard 4-piece Surround RedBull's Guard 4-piece Surround Red
    Bull's Guard 4-piece Surround Red
  21. PDC Darts Surround Ring RedPDC Darts Surround Ring Red
    PDC Darts Surround Ring Red

25 Items

Set Descending Direction
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