Shot Kyle Anderson The Original 90%

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23-25 gram# Shot Darts

22-23-24-25-26 gram# Kyle Anderson The Original 90% Tungsten darts are the matchdarts from Kyle Anderson. These Steeltip darts are silver with black and red PCT Coating and they also have a nice grip. Kyle throws with a torpedo model, these The Original 90% tungsten darts have special Kyle Anderson points. These The Original Steel points are 37mm and it has grip on the steel point. Exactly the same dartset is also available in a Softtip. Click on the next link to see all Steeltip darts from Kyle Anderson.

steeltip shot darts - kyle anderson the original 90% tungsten 22-23-24-25-26 gram - kast-22 kast-23 kast-24 kast-25 kast-26

Weight:Barrel Length:Barrel Width:
22 gram48 mm7.5 mm
23 gram48 mm7.6 mm
24 gram51 mm7.7 mm
25 gram52 mm7.7 mm
26 gram52 mm7.7 mm
More Information
EAN code9415639066227 9415639066234 9415639066241
Custom LabelGeen
Darts GripRinged, Wave, Incision
Darts Material90% Tungsten
Color BarrelSilver, Black, Red
Darts ShapeTorpedo
Country of ManufactureNew Zealand