Top 10 Starter Friendly Darts

The gigantic selection of darts is often a bit overwhelming for a novice darter. Which darts are right for me? What shape should I take, with what kind of grip? Which weights are good?

This all comes down to personal preference. However, that doesn't mean we can't steer you in the right direction. Below you'll find 10 sets of darts we hand-picked that are a good choice for any starter.

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Set Descending Direction
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    Darts Warehouse Tungsten 22gDarts Warehouse Tungsten 22g
    Darts Warehouse Tungsten 22g
  1. Darts Warehouse Brass 22 gramDarts Warehouse Brass 22 gram
    Darts Warehouse Brass 22 gram
  2. McKicks Premium Black 90%McKicks Premium Black 90%
    McKicks Premium Black 90%
  3. Bull's Blackjack Brass GoldBull's Blackjack Brass Gold
    Bull's Blackjack Brass Gold
  4. Bull's Classic 80% 25gBull's Classic 80% 25g
    Bull's Classic 80% 25g
  5. Target Phil Taylor Power 8ZERO 80%Target Phil Taylor Power 8ZERO 80%
    Target Phil Taylor Power 8ZERO 80%
  6. Red Dragon Freestyle A 90%Red Dragon Freestyle A 90%
    Red Dragon Freestyle A 90%
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    Bull's Virus 70%Bull's Virus 70%
    Bull's Virus 70%
  7. Unicorn Silverstar Gary Anderson P1 80%Unicorn Silverstar Gary Anderson P1 80%
  8. Mission Spirit 90% M6Mission Spirit 90% M6
    Mission Spirit 90% M6
    €49.95 €48.34

10 Items

Set Descending Direction