Softtip Target Yohkoh 11 80%

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TA-210128 TA-210129

19-21 gram# Black powder coated darts with silver rings. The Yohkoh 11 is a light torpedo barrel with different ringed grips. The dartset comes with green short pro grip shafts and Yohkoh Std.6 Flights. The Yohkoh serie is launched by Target Darts in September 2021.

Weight: Barrel Length: Barrel Width:
19 gram 47.50 mm 7.05 mm
21 gram 47.50 mm 7.05 mm
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SKUTA-210128 TA-210129
EAN code5050807063604 5050807063611
Custom LabelGeen
Darts GripRinged
Darts Material80% Tungsten
Color BarrelBlack
Darts ShapeTorpedo