Softtip Shot Rowby-John Rodriquez Dagat 80% 18g

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18 gram Shot darts

Serious contender

The Softtip Dagat dart barrel, part of Rowby-John Rodriguez's signature range from Shot Darts, is a top-performing option for serious dart players. The name Dagat is inspired by the azure sea surrounding Rodriguez's Filipino homeland, and reflects the sun, sea, and stars that are an integral part of his proud cultural heritage. The barrel features a reliable ring grip with shallow mill cuts that provide superior traction, ensuring consistency in every throw. Crafted from 80% tungsten and center-weighted for precision, the Dagat dart barrel is an excellent choice for those looking to take their game to the next level.

18 gram 45 mm 6.3 mm
More Information
EAN code9415639067354
Custom LabelGeen
Country of ManufactureNew Zealand
Darts Weight20 gram
Darts GripRinged, Incision
Darts Material80% Tungsten
Color BarrelSilver
Darts ShapeStraight