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Target Darts Set

19-21 gram# The Nastri 11 is a straight barrel with a very special grip. The grip looks like a DNA string, in the middle section of the Nastri 11 is a little more string for a different feeling. The dartset comes with clear short pro grip shafts and Nastri Std.6 Flights. Target Nastri Softtip darts are Silver and 90% tungsten. The Nastri serie is launched by Target Darts in September 2021.

Weight: Barrel Length: Barrel Width:
19 gram 50.00 mm 6.40 mm
21 gram 50.00 mm 6.60 mm
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SKUTA-210136 TA-210137
EAN code5050807066667 5050807066674
Darts GripIncision
Darts Material90% Tungsten
Color BarrelSilver
Darts ShapeStraight