Shot Warrior Outlaw Dartboard

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Professional Shot Dartboard

The Warrior Outlaw Bristle Dartboard for steeltip darts is self-healing and has staple-free technology for less dart bounce outs.

The Warrior Outlaw is a self-healing hero. This bristle dartboard for steeltip darts is battle-tested to fulfil professional dartboard criteria, and it has staple-free technology to reduce the number of dart bounce-outs.
In addition to featuring an original Shot Darts Warrior design printed in brilliant, colour-fast inks, this board will look fantastic in your cabinet or dart lane set up as well. It can be displayed in the garage, the games room, or any other area where you want to engage in competition, in order to optimize your strategic advantage. Doubles and triples stand out, and the progressive pattern of the portions directs the viewer's attention to the bull, making it simpler to take down your target.

This full-size, 18" x 1 1/2" dartboard meets the criteria of the World Dart Federation, ensuring high quality and a positive experience from game to game.

The Warrior's detachable number ring makes it simple to rotate the board — turn it on a regular basis to ensure even wear and longer life. The included high-quality puck wall bracket allows for simple installation and board rotation — there is no need to remove the dartboard from its wall-mounted position! Make your games room more exciting, and you'll spend less time adjusting your dartboard and more time playing.

Shot Warrior Outlaw Dartboard – The way of the Warrior

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