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SH-SD3500-22 SH-SD3500-24
23 - 25 gram Shot Darts

This total steel tip darts package from Shot Darts will get the game started.

There's all the dart kit you need to play at your greatest: 3 precision darts made from premium brass, durable aluminum shafts, custom-designed dart flights, flight protectors plus spare shafts and flights, and a dart tool to ace dart games and tournaments. Protect your darts set with the tough pocket-sized darts case included. Designed by Shot for high scoring potential and backed with a ten-year barrel guarantee. 

3x Coloured Brass Darts.
3x Standard Dart Flights. 75 Micron Thickness. 
3x Strong Aluminium Dart Shafts with Rubber O Rings. Medium Length. 
BONUS EXTRAS! 3x Standard Flights, 3x Nylon Dart Shafts, 3x Flight Protectors, Dart Tool and Durable Dart Case. 

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SKUSH-SD3500-22 SH-SD3500-24
EAN code9415639062922 9415639062939
Custom LabelPRE ORDER 18-01-2023 Shot Container
Darts GripRinged
Darts MaterialStainless Steel
Color BarrelBlack, Gold
Darts ShapeStraight
Country of ManufactureNew Zealand