Shot Michael Smith 90% Believe

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Shot Darts Set

"Become a champion with the Shot Michael Smith Believe Steel Tip Dart Set!"

Shot Darts proudly presents the Michael Smith Believe Steel Tip Dart Set. This set is designed, crafted, and perfected by the Shot Dartisans, specifically for PDC World Champion Michael Smith. The Believe darts are his favorite competition darts and represent the pinnacle of Shot design and craftsmanship. With these darts, the champion relies on staying at the top and taking his championship technique to the next level.

The barrel of these darts is made of 90% tungsten and features a perfect weight distribution in the middle, resulting in excellent performance on the dartboard. Additionally, each barrel is adorned with the MSB signature laser motif, confirming the authenticity of this set.

The barrel has a unique design that ensures optimal grip and control. Wide rings with red mill cuts provide superior traction and a firm grip without biting into your fingers. Behind the smooth front, there is a flat band that can serve as a reference point. Precision-cut black rings are placed precisely in the center, clearly defining the edges of the front and rear grip zones, ensuring consistent finger placement. At the rear, wide rings cut over clean tungsten add another reference point.

These darts are designed for serious players and meet the highest quality standards. They come with a Believe Dart Flight Set in the Small Standard size, made of durable 100-micron material. The accompanying Koi Carbon Shafts with Spring Ring are of intermediate size and offer stability and precision during the throw.

The Shot Michael Smith Believe Steel Tip Dart Set is a top-quality product, made in New Zealand. With this set, you not only gain the confidence of a world champion but also experience darts at the highest level. Improve your game and reach your darting goals with the Shot Michael Smith Believe Steel Tip Dart Set!

Weight: Barrel Length: Barrel Width:
22 grams 45 mm 7.0 mm
23 grams 47 mm 7.1 mm
24 grams 48 mm 7.2 mm
25 grams 49 mm 7.3 mm
26 grams 49 mm 7.5 mm
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More Information
EAN code9415639075137 9415639075144 9415639075151 9415639075168 9415639075175
Country of ManufactureNew Zealand
Darts GripRinged, Incision
Darts Material90% Tungsten
Color BarrelSilver, Black, Red
Darts ShapeStraight