Softtip Shot Devon Petersen Wisdom 80% 18 gram

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18 gram Shot Softtip Darts

The Softtip Shot Devon Petersen Wisdom 80% : Spark to a flame

Sometimes you simply get a feeling. Perhaps it's the first time you glimpse the Softtip Shot Devon Petersen Wisdom 80%'s flawlessly balanced, center-weighted spear silhouette. When you hold the 80 percent tungsten barrel between your fingers and feel the delicately etched Iklwa grip, you'll know you're in for a treat. When you discover the sweet spot to toss this quick, agile all-rounder, along its shark back, nose, and tail, you'll know you've found it. Maybe it'll be after you've won an all-out brawl with this pick-up-and-play dart set.

This is the softtip version!

Weight:Barrel Length:Barrel Width:
18 gram43.0 mm

7.2 mm

More Information
EAN code9415639066821
Custom LabelGeen
Darts Weight18 gram
Darts GripRinged, Shark
Darts Material80% Tungsten
Color BarrelSilver, Black
Darts ShapeStraight
Country of ManufactureNew Zealand