Softtip Shot Devon Petersen The Greatness 90%

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18-20 gram# Shot Softtip Darts

The Softtip Shot Devon Petersen The Greatness 90% : Bearing the torch

The Softtip Shot Devon Petersen “The Greatness” is a high-end, missile-shaped dart made of 90 percent tungsten that is coated in a protective Black Titanium body with Gold PCT accents. In addition to having a precise mid-rear balance, its tapering, double shark grip nose has additional grooves to help you maintain constant finger posture. Deeply machined motifs form a circle of spears around Shot's unique Iklwa grip in the mid-section, providing greater control and simple release. Finishing touches were a 4/5 texture shark tail and a push point that was slightly offset from the centre.

This is the softtip version!

Weight: Barrel Length: Barrel Width:
18 gram 45.0 mm

6.7 mm

20 gram 47.0 mm 6.8 mm
More Information
EAN code9415639066715 9415639066722
Custom LabelGeen
Country of ManufactureNew Zealand
Darts GripRinged, Shark, Incision
Darts Material90% Tungsten
Color BarrelBlack, Gold
Darts ShapeStraight