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Mist and Mystery

Known as the Druid, the highest-ranking and most erudite of all the Celts, the Druid represents the revered soothsayer and seer of ancient Britain's wild and mist-covered landscapes. This pencil-shaped barrel made of 90 percent tungsten is wrapped in forest green over a black titanium base for a unique look. A long, curved, tapering nose with raised arrowheads makes it easy to see where to lay your fingers. Throughout the middle section, the Rebellion maintains a firm grip. The ringed Alchemy grip, with its V cuts covered with spirals, is located at the rear of the dart, providing the perfect foil for Rebellion when rolling the darts in your fingers. Consult with Druid's inner wisdom before entering the conflict, and you will almost certainly come out on top. This is the softtip version.

The Celts – an Iron Age culture that swept Europe and the British Isles, their proud tribal alliances connecting their people across vast expanses of distance and time. History’s legendary underdogs – the Celts clashed with the might and military machine of Rome. Fierce and dauntless in defending what mattered – their land, their tribe and their honour. The heroic, highly decorated Celts range by Shot Darts is impressively ornamented with colour and texture, representing the many Celtic tribes rich in culture, steeped in myth, and forged in battle. The power to rewrite history is in your hands.

Weight: Barrel Length: Barrel Width:
18 gram 43.00 mm 6.70 mm
20 gram 45.00 mm 6.90 mm
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EAN code9415639066654 9415639066661
Custom LabelGeen
Country of ManufactureNew Zealand
GripRinged, Pixel, Incision
Material90% Tungsten
ColourSilver, Black, Green