Shot Bandit Dartboard

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Professioneel Shot Dartbord

High-quality dartboard with advanced suspension system. This dartboard has blade wiring and a 'staple' free bullseye. Made from the finest quality sisal and beautiful paintwork, this dartboard makes one of the finest and best dartboards on the market. This dartboard also has a variant: Shot Bandit Duro: This dartboard uses a higher density of sisal, which makes the board harder and therefore lasts longer.

Some special points of the Shot Bandit Boards are:

  • 50% thinner blade wire than normal ensures that the number of bouncers is nil. This blade wire is powder coated white to make it even stronger.
  • Black coated numberring; ensures that the numbers that remain white are clearly visible, giving you a better focus on the board.
  • Backing Support; There is a support cardboard with clips with this dartboard to prevent the movement of the board. This cardboard also blocks a lot of noise, especially for apartments or noisy houses.
  • Dartboard ring made of hard recycled plastic to easily move the number ring and this gives the dartboard the luxurious look.
  • Each Shot Bandit dartboard comes with a tape measure to hang the dartboard perfectly.
  • An instruction booklet is supplied with every Shot Bandit dartboard.

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professional dartboard - shot bandit board - sb3001

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