Bull's Shark Pro 90% Ultralight

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Bull's Darts Set

Ultra-Lightweight, Ultra-Effective: Bull's Shark Pro 90% Ultralight

Looking for top-quality darts without the extra weight? Introducing the Bull's Shark Pro 90% Ultralight. This lightweight version of our renowned Bull's Shark Pro series is perfect for players seeking more speed and finesse. Available in weights of 15-17-19 grams and featuring the famous shark fins grip.

Precision and Control with Shark Fins Grip

Experience maximum control during your throw with the unique shark fins grip, optimizing your performance.

Designed for Speed and Finesse

The Ultralight series is designed for players looking for a faster throw and greater control. With weights ranging from 15 to 19 grams, there's a dart that suits your playing style.

Comprehensive Specifications

The Ultralight darts are available in various weights and dimensions. Choose from 15 grams (45.30 mm length, 7.00 mm width), 17 grams (45.30 mm length, 7.10 mm width), or 19 grams (45.50 mm length, 7.00 mm width).

Explore the Bull's Shark Grip Collection

Curious for more? Explore the complete Shark Grip series and choose the perfect dart that meets your needs.

Order Now for Ultimate Performance

Experience the quality, precision, and speed of the Bull's Shark Pro 90% Ultralight for yourself. Order now and take your dart game to a new level!


Weight: Barrel Length: Barrel Width:
15 grams 45.30 mm 7.00 mm
17 grams 45.30 mm 7.10 mm
19 grams 45.50 mm 7.00 mm
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More Information
Custom LabelGeen
Country of ManufactureNetherlands
Material90% Tungsten