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Electronic Scoring System

Discover the New Scolia Flex

Introducing Scolia Flex, a revolutionary dart scoring system that combines affordability, flexibility, and advanced technology. Scolia Flex offers a new subscription model, giving you access to a state-of-the-art scoring system at a much lower initial price.

Affordable & Accessible

Scolia Flex is your affordable solution to enjoy an advanced dart scoring system. Even without a subscription, you can use all the features of the Scolia system for free, with a limited plan of up to 1000 throws per month.

Flexibility in Usage

Customize your subscription to fit your needs. Pause and renew your subscription whenever you want, entirely tailored to your darting life.

Requirements for Optimal Use

A standard dartboard with traditional dimensions, colors, and metal number ring. A standard PU Surround. A sturdy wall (preferably brick or concrete) with a flat surface around the dartboard. A wired internet connection*. *The Scolia system can be used with a Powerline adapter for a wireless internet connection.

Key Features

Various types of games. Playing against the computer. Online play with friends (who also use Scolia). Online training with anyone (who also uses Scolia). Game history. Advanced analytics. Usage monitoring. Free software updates. Experience the ultimate combination of dart technology and flexibility with Scolia Flex. Elevate your dart game to a higher level with the latest innovations and stay connected with the dart community, both locally and online.


This package does not contain the Bull's Termote light surround, the Dartbord surround and the dartbord, which are all essential parts of the complete auto scoring darts system.


Note: To make unlimited use of the features of the Scolia Home Flex, it is necessary to purchase a monthly subscription through You can use the Scolia Home Flex without a subscription up to a limited number of throws per month (1000 throws, this amounts to about 33 throws per day). However, without a subscription, all features of the Scolia Home Flex are available.
When you have reached the limit of the number of throws during a game, you can simply finish that game. You can then start a new game only on the 1st day of the following month, when the limit has reset itself.
Subscription costs:

Monthly subscription: €11.95/month (billed monthly)
Quarterly subscription: €9,95/month (€29,85 billed every 3 months)
Annual subscription: €8,95/month (€107,40 billed every 12 months)

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