Bull's Rubber dart mat 300x60 cm + Throwline Sticker

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Bulls Dartmat

Unleash Your Potential with Bull's Rubber Dart Mat 300x60 cm + Throwline Sticker

Take your darting experience to new heights with the Bull's Rubber Dart Mat 300x60 cm + Throwline Sticker. This compact, high-quality mat is the perfect addition to any game room or practice area, offering both functionality and convenience. With its included Throwline Sticker, you'll always know where to stand for the perfect throw.

Quality You Can Trust

Don't compromise on quality; this Bull's Rubber Dart Mat is designed to last. The high-grade rubber protects your floor and darts, ensuring longevity and performance. While it offers excellent protection, it's important to note that a dart with a steel tip falling straight down could still penetrate the mat.

Fresh Experience, No Rubber Odor

Concerned about the smell of rubber in your playing area? Worry no more. This mat undergoes a special fragrance treatment to neutralize the rubber odor, making your game room smell fresh. Coupled with the Throwline Sticker, which ensures consistent throw distance, this mat becomes a must-have for any serious darts player.

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Custom Label10% Pallet Discount
EAN code8719075948187
Country of ManufactureNetherlands
Type MatRubber
Color MatBlack