Target Pro Grip Spin 3 sets

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Product Description: Pro Grip Spin Dart Flights (3 sets)

**Enhance Your Dart Game with Pro Grip Spin Dart Flights**

Get the most out of your dart game with the Pro Grip Spin Dart Flights. These high-quality dart flights are specifically designed to improve your throws and elevate your performance to a higher level. With this set of 3 packs, each containing 3 shafts, you'll have a total of 9 flights for long-lasting use.

Innovative Spin Technology for Precision

The Pro Grip Spin Dart Flights feature an innovative spin technology that ensures a more stable dart flight. This technology minimizes unwanted movements in the air, resulting in more accurate and consistent throws.

Durable and Resilient

The flights are made of high-quality nylon and PC material, providing durability and resilience. They are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance even during intense use.

Choose Your Style

The Pro Grip Spin Dart Flights are available in various styles, including Short, In Between, and Medium. Select from striking colors such as Black, White, Blue, or Clear, depending on your preference and personal style.

Number of sets: 3

Number of shafts per pack: 9

Material: Nylon and PC

Available styles: Short, In Between, Medium

Color options: Black, White, Blue, Clear

Don't wait any longer and improve your dart performance with the Pro Grip Spin Dart Flights. Order today and discover how these innovative flights will take your game to new heights!

Lenght (mm) weight (g)
34 0.8
41 0.9
48 1.1


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More Information
Custom LabelGeen
Shaft ColorBlack, Blue, Clear, White
Shaft SizeShort, In Between, Medium
Shaft Length in mm48
Shaft Weight1,01 - 1,25 gram
Shaft MaterialPC (Poly Carbonate)