Target Pro Grip Vision 3 sets

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Target Shafts Set

Target Pro Grip Vision 3 Sets - Elevate Your Dart Game

Target Pro Grip Vision 3 Sets are the ultimate choice for serious dart players. These shafts offer exceptional performance, ensuring seamless insertion of flights and providing an unparalleled grip, which significantly reduces the chances of fall-outs during intense matches. With the added nib design, flight placement becomes effortless, resulting in precise and accurate throws every time.

Made from durable materials, the Pro Grip Vision shafts are engineered to withstand the rigors of competitive dart games, ensuring longevity and consistent top-notch performance. To further enhance flight stability, these shafts come equipped with a Target Pro Grip ring, securely holding the flights in place.


Length (excl. thread) Weight
34.0 mm 0.8 grams
41.0 mm 0.9 grams
48.0 mm 1.1 grams

Upgrade your dart setup with the Target Pro Grip Vision 3 Sets and experience precision, style, and improved performance in your dart game.

In this revised version, the focus has been shifted to the "Target Pro Grip Vision 3 Sets." The text highlights their exceptional performance, durability, and the specifications provided in the table. Additionally, the last paragraph emphasizes the benefits of upgrading to these sets for an enhanced dart playing experience.
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More Information
Custom LabelGeen
Shaft ColorBlack, Blue, Red , Yellow
Shaft SizeShort, In Between, Medium
Shaft Weight0,76 - 1,00 gram
Shaft MaterialPC (Poly Carbonate)