May 2017 Newsletter

This month we feature new exciting products, helpful hints and news.

What's New 

MvG 2017 World Champion Darts - collectors set


New In stock in quick limited stock.

World #1 Michael van Gerwen commemorative sets celebrating Mvg' World Champion 2017 win.  

These darts are presented in a white box featuring gold MvG logos.  The darts are 90% tungsten with gold titanium and feature MvG 2017 commemorative flights and shafts.  Included is a free gift from MvG.

 If  MvG is one of your darting heros,  then this is definitely a must have.

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Predator Dart Shirt


From Shot...Predator Player Polo dart shirt...check out this new knockout shirt designed with talented artist Daryn McBride. 

Shirt features a wicked looking Eagle emblazoned across the front and are manufactured from quality mid weighted sports fabric, with a handy pocket on left breast.   

The design behind these shirts - NZ Haast eagle. The Eagle's wingspan was around  2 and 3 metres, and weighing up to 13 kilograms,  the New Zealand Haast eagle is the largest eagle ever to have existed in the world.  Legend has it they also killed the occasional human, which is wny the shirt is called The Predator.

Team Shirts

Thinking of getting a team together or maybe it's time to update your current shirts or perhaps your weekly darting get together could do with a spruce up, we have plenty of stock of  Predator dart shirt in sizes ranging from xs to 6xl. These shirts have enough space to have your name or team name added!

We also have a great selection of Infinity, Lady-S and Player dart shirts on sale - get in quick stocks are getting low.

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Shot Warrior Steel and soft tip darts  - Arm your arm

Following on from the recent release of Shot new ranges have you seen Shot's video of how the Warrior is made?

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Helpful hints

Keeping darts sharp:

When was the last time you sharpened your darts?   Did you know by keeping your darts sharp, this can help prolong the life of your dartboard and without sharpening the tips of darts, they get dull and don't stick in the board. No matter how perfect a player's aim is, in the end it won't matter if their darts don't stay in the board.  

There are a couple of easy ways to do this, sharpening stone or if you're into gadgets, try the Slydart sharpener.  These are very effective and easy to work. 

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Rotating your number ring:

It's really important to make sure you look after your dartboard.  Dartboards need to have wear evenly spaced across the entire surface of the board or the board will become prematurely worn out from over-compaction of the sisal.
To spread wear across your board it should be rotated frequently. Rotate the number ring moving the '20' through to the next blank segment i.e, '20' would become '12'.

The only area of the board, which cannot be protected by turning, is the bullseye area. It is essential that when you are practicing you do not continually practice your play on the bullseye, as this area of the board will wear out. Remember to spread your wear.  
Also remember to keep you Dartboard away from moisture!  

 Have a look at this video on how to rotate your number ring.

Tungsten Percentages

Wondered what the difference between the tungsten percentages, what do you buy and does it matter?  

The higher the percengtage of tungsten the narrower the dart can be as Tungsten is alloyed with nickel to give it strength. The higher the percentage of tungsten in the barrel, the better the dart and the greater the scoring potential, this helps by allowing closer groupings. Durability is important, in that it helps retain the dart's precision-machined shape, grooves, and knurling. There are several different tungsten percentages available on the market, the most common being 80% and 90%.

If you are starting out in darts, 80% tungsten provides a quality and affordable dart that will be perfect for you, if you are more experienced, professional player and serious about your darts, 90% tungsten is for you.

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Darting tournaments coming up...head along and check out the action, great way to meet new darting friends, find out about clubs.  For more information check out your local darting association for what's happening in your area.

  • Swiss Open - 9th-10th June
  • Canadian Open - 16-18th June
  • Mongolia Open - 22nd July
  • Japan Open -  30th July

Staff Pick

 The Dart Stand   

"This stand is great for displaying all of my sets of darts and when my mates come round they look pretty impressed with the layout, they are easy accessible, helps to keep the points sharp too.  Stand  can be attached to wall or stand on a table or bar leaner"..Glenn

In stock now these are able to hold a massive 35 darts (11 sets)

Made from strong acrylic and laser etch frosted with Puma and Shot! darts logos. Darts not included. Material - Manufactured from Acrylic
Size:  40mm H x 328mm L x 45mm D
Capacity - Holds 35 darts (11 sets) and compatible for soft and steel tip darts.
Includes - Wall mountable with 3 holes and screws included.

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