A dart generally consists of 4 parts; the tip, the barrel, the shaft and the flight. It is common for parts such as the tip, shaft and flight to break down over time. After all, a dart is a tool and is not indestructible.

The point

The tip can break in several ways. Using the dart can cause the tip to wear and become blunt, preventing it from remaining properly seated in the board. It can also happen that your dart falls to the ground and breaks the point.
In any case, we have the option to replace the tip, regardless of where the tip is broken.


The barrel can be damaged, but should not break. Should this happen, please contact us or the manufacturer as soon as possible.


The shaft is one of the most vulnerable parts of the dart. The shaft often breaks if the dart falls on a hard surface, or if it just lands incorrectly on the ground. It can also happen that you throw another dart into the back of a dart (also known as a Robin Hood) and the closing point for the flight opens or breaks.
There are shafts made of different materials. Think of plastic, aluminum or carbon. The fragility of the shaft depends on the material. If you choose a stronger material, this will in turn affect the balance and flight of your dart. Experiment with different shafts to find out what works for you.


The flight, along with the shaft, is the most vulnerable to damage. Depending on your level, it can happen that your dart ends up more than once, or even in, the flight. Due to damage to the flight, the airflow along the dart changes, so you will notice that over time your dart throws differently than you are used to.
Flights are also available in different materials. The most common flights are made of polyester. There are also (molded) plastic flights, which are many times stronger and retain their shape.


Material information for darts

A dart is made up of three parts. The barrel (with point), the shaft and the flight.

The darts can be made of 3 different materials. Brass darts can be recognized by its copper color. These dart sets are relatively inexpensive and well suited for children and novice darts players. Nickel Silver darts can be recognized by a silver color and these dart sets with a relatively low specific weight are very suitable for cafes and catering establishments that want darts for their visitors. Tungsten darts are very suitable for the competition darter or advanced darter. The higher the percentage of tungsten, the slimmer the darts. This is very important because the triple twenty is a small square on the dartboard, but represents the highest value! Most barrels are made of tungsten (tungsten), a metal with a high specific weight. This makes it possible to make darts that are very slim and different shapes of darts can be manufactured. Tungsten Darts are generally made in 3 colors. No Coating (silver) a Gold Titanium Coating (gold) and a Black Titanium Coating (black). The balance of a dart is very important as well as a good grip. Because every dart player has different requirements for his darts, Darts Warehouse offers a wide range with a huge number of different darts and therefore with a wide choice in grip, balance and weight. The innovation around darts has been a big trend lately. For example, Target Darts has released a new technology; the pixel technology. An example of Steeltip Darts using this technology is Carrera Darts Series. The big brands such as Bulls Darts and Shot! Darts soon followed with this technology. Another trend in the field of darts production are the Lady-Darts, different barrels specially made for women by adding fun colors to the barrels. Shot Darts introduced a new grip on the market in 2014: the Pyramid grip, certain series Shot! Dart arrows have this new grip. Simon Whitlock was the first darts player to throw 2 different colors on 1 barrel. In August 2014 Unicorn Darts also released a new barrel; this barrel was black with gold. Raymond van Barneveld will enter the history books as the first player with black gold darts; the W.C Phase 5 Raymond van Barneveld. Below are different types of grips, currently all darts have these grips or a combination of different types of grips. The different models are also shown below, all darts come from these models or have made a combination. 

Material information for dartboards

Dartboards are made of sisal (Note: no horse hair!). Sisal is a vegetable product; the long fibers of the leaves are joined together in bunches after drying and wrapped with tape. After this they are cut into slices. These slices are placed on a wooden plate and pressed together with all fibers facing up. The whole comes with a steel strap. Because it consists entirely of forward-facing, very thin fibers, the dart can easily enter the dartboard. When the dart is removed from the dartboard, the holes that have formed close again when you place a dart next to it. The metal number ring on the edge of the dartboard can be detached and moved. Note: always make sure that the 20 is above a black square. Rotating the number ring on the dartboard is recommended as the dartboard wears - usually around triple 20 - to extend the life of the dartboard. The metal wiring dividing the scoring planes can be circular or knife-shaped; the thinner this metal, the less chance of bounce-outs. In particular the Unicorn, Bulls, Shot! and Winmau use this technique which ensures that the darter no longer has bounce-outs and thus has an optimal playing surface. Sisal is also used for recreational dartboards and training dartboards. Pressed paper or metal (magnetic dartboard) is often used for children's dartboards. In the top segment, such as with the Bull's dartboards, professional suspension systems are also supplied as standard. It is very important that you never get a dartboard wet or damp!

Material information for dart flights

All dart flights are available in many colors and with various types of prints, all to your own taste. Dartflights are made of different materials and thicknesses, which determine the lifespan. The thicknesses are indicated in microns, the more microns the thicker the flight is. A polyna dart flight is 75 micron, Powerflite 100 micron and ONE50 dart flight is 150 micron. The dart flights shapes - which are placed on the dart shafts - determine the flight behavior and the carrying capacity of the darts. The larger the surface of the dartflight, the more carrying capacity. The flight acts as a flight stabilizer. Every darts player has his own style and speed of throwing. The choice of the right flights is essential to get an optimal combination. Darts Warehouse offers more than 20 different flight shapes and materials that every type of darter can choose its ideal flight. Tip: Darts Warehouse also offers flight test kits to find your ideal flight shape! In addition to the shape of the flight, there is also a difference in the thickness of the flight, with darts this is indicated in microns. Different thicknesses have different advantages and disadvantages: The thicker the flight, the longer the flight will last, and thicker flights are often more expensive to purchase. The disadvantage of the thicker flights is that darts cannot always fly past each other nicely. For example, every player has his own preferences and trying out is necessary to find the perfect flight. At Darts Warehouse a distinction is also made between Nylon flights, Metallic flights, Dimplex flights and Plastic flights. Here, every flight has its own advantages and disadvantages. Darts Warehouse carries the following brands in terms of dartflights: Bulls, McKicks, Unicorn, Winmau, Harrows, Masterdarts, Shot! and Target. Furthermore, there are many different themes of dartflights to make your darts not only good, but also beautiful.

Material information for dart shafts

The shafts are the connecting piece between the barrel and the flight. In addition to the flight, the shaft is also very important for the balance of the entire arrow. The choice of shaft length and material determines the balance and directly affects the flight of the dart. The dart shafts are available in different sizes (xx-short, x-short, short, in between, medium and long). The choice of length at the dart shaft determines how the dart goes to the dartboard. Dart shafts are also made in a variety of materials, which hardly affect the throwing. There is, however, a difference in strength, flexibility and lifespan (for example Titanium dart shafts are much stronger than aluminum shafts and nylon dart shafts). Furthermore, there are also various colors of dart shafts and finishes available, all this is a personal preference. An example is Top Spin shafts: here the top spins with flight to prevent bounce-outs.

Tip: Darts Warehouse also offers a Shaft Test Kit to find your ideal shaft.

Material information for dart scoreboards

The dart scoreboards that Darts Warehouse supplies come in different materials and sizes. For example, the Bull's Flex scoreboards are available in 4 different sizes. If you want a luxurious writable durable scoreboard, you can buy an aluminum glass board. Furthermore, Darts Warehouse online has a large selection of electronic scoreboards with different game options. Get good advice online and buy a beautiful electronic scoreboard for darts!

Material information for dart mats

The rubber dart mats that Darts Warehouse supplies are available in 2 different materials. If you want to look very professional, you can buy our fine rib runner. This is a 3mm thick, black colored mat in different sizes with stripe or oche. These are widely used in cafes and by darts clubs. In addition to professional dart mats, also sells full color carpet mats. These are also very suitable for all darts players who like to play darts at home.

Material information for dart clothing

Bull's dart shirts are made of 100% polyester, easy to wash and excellent for printing, embroidery and sublimation techniques. also has a Hi-Q dart polo in its range with moisture-regulating properties for on stage during dart competitions. All dart clothing is available from stock and available in sizes S to XXXXXXL. In addition to the dart shirts in the regular catalogs, Darts Warehouse also has special offers for dart shirts. You can also buy Michael van Gerwen's competition shirt in our Online Dartshop.

Material information for dart wallets and cases

Take a look at the online range of dart wallets and cases at You will be amazed at the amount of colors, sizes, materials and types of dart wallets, cases & pouches that we offer. Bull's wallets and Cases have a wide range. The best selling case is the "Bulls The Pak Case". Unicorn also has various Dart cases for great prices. From a mini Leather wallet to a large Masterpak, the online Dart shop Darts Warehouse offers it all.

Material information for dartboard rings

Within the wide collection of surround rings of the online Darts Warehouse shop, we have two materials. PU (Polyurethane, actually just rubber) professional dartboard surround rings available in different colors fit seamlessly around the dartboard. Furthermore, for home use, also sells the EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, actually just Foam) four-piece puzzle surround ring in black. The online Dartshop Darts Warehouse carries 2 brands with regard to buying dartboard rings; Unicorn Surrounds and Bulls Surrounds.

Material information for dart cabinets

We have two materials within the cabinets of the online Darts Warehouse shop. Wooden cabinets are available in the colors Light Oak and black. Furthermore, Aluminum Dart cabinets are available for the more modern houses!