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Life-span of shafts
A shaft is an essential part of your dart, so when it breaks you should be able to instantly replace it. Since throwing with steel tips at something usually is not good for its maintenance, shafts, like flights, should be replaced regularly. Broken or bended shafts do not have any warranty. When you decide to play with stronger aluminium or even Titanium shafts, you will pay more at first, but you can count on it that these shafts will be of service to you longer than their nylon brothers. On top of this, some of these shafts consist of a replaceable top, that can be replaced separately. Since the top part is the part most likely to be damaged, this replaceable top will decrease your costs greatly in the long run.
Due to the relatively short life-span, shafts, again like flights, are often purchased as a 5-pack, which holds 5 sets of shafts.

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