Buying soft tip items

In England and the Netherlands the majority of dart players play the standard game, with steeltip darts. However, in the rest of the world and still also in England and the Netherlands, softtip darts is on the rise. Darts Warehouse offers a wide variety of softtip darts. When you start playing on softtip boards, it is wise to read this blog first, because the type of tip is certainly not the only difference with steeltip darts!

Most softtip darts are far lighter than the steeltip darts. Where the ‘normal’ range of steeltip darts is from 21 to 26 grams, softtip darts often do not weigh more than 19 grams. This is due to the damage caused by heavy darts to the electronics in the softtip board. Recent alterations to the boards have made it possible to play with heavier darts, however, the majority of softtip players has now already gotten used to the lightweights. If you play softtip darts, no matter with what weight, Darts Warehouse is the place to buy the best darts for your game.

In general, almost every steeltip dart has a softtip counterpart. This means that the darts of every famous steeltip player is also available in softtip. As previously mentioned, the weight of these softtip variants differs from the steeltip darts, but the shape, grip, shaft and flight are almost entirely the same.

Darts consist of a flight, a shaft, a barrel and a tip. Whereas with steeltip darts the tips are fixed in the barrel, with softtip darts they are screwed in the barrel. Since the tips have a very short life-span, the tips have to be replaced very often. Therefore, softtip players often carry a lot of spare tips when playing a match. Darts Warehouse offers a variety of models and colours in different price ranges, available in quantities of 100 or 1000.

The electronic dartboard
Softtip darts is almost exclusively played on electronic boards. These boards have plastic segments containing little holes for the darts to fall in to. The board senses the dart hitting a particular segment of the board and automatically calculates the score. The dart also counts when it bounces out of the board, as long as the electronics have detected it. This, together with the fact that the traditional writers and callers are no longer needed and the fact that the entire bull grants you 50 points in softtip darts, is the big difference between soft- and steeltip darts.

Softtip Accessories
Softtip darts is a sport of gadgets, much more futuristic than steeltip darts. This is mainly because the sport is Big in Japan, the country of gadgets. The most important gadget exclusive to softtip darts is a way to store your spare tips. Bull’s has a specific Tube for Paks, whereas Shot has the Magnetic Tip Holder.