Take special care of your equipment and use Wallets and Cases!
You are ready to go to the pub and play a game of darts with your friends. You got your darts, some spare flights and shafts and a few accessories. The question now is, what is the best way to take all your precious dart supplies with you. This blog about Wallets and Cases will help you answer this question. Because like with all other Dart articles, there is a lot to choose from.

Good protection is half the game
For every darts player who occasionally goes out to play; it is wise to purchase a Wallet or a Case. It is a handy accessory to keep all of your stuff together and on top of that, it will keep everything from getting damaged. Most darts, when purchased, are delivered with small, inferior cases, but for the optimal protection, one needs to dive into the Wallets and Cases page on


Wallets and cases are manufactured using different materials. Mostly Nylon, Leather or Plastic is used, but also some aluminium and wooden cases are available. The choice of material is completely personal, choose anything you like! An advantage to the Nylon cases is that it is possible to print your name or a small logo on it, to make it your very own personal dartcase.                            

Everyone gets what he/she wants; big or small!

Darts Warehouse provides a suitable wallet or case for every single darts player in the world. Some cases are suitable just for darts, some can hold 3 sets of darts, 10 sets of flights and a regular day’s lunch. The most popular case of this moment is the Bull’s The Pak. This case fits one set of darts and multiple sets of flight and shafts, as well accessories, such as a dart sharpener or a shaft extraction tool. In short, everything you need to be prepared for an evening full of darts. The Pak is available in both Nylon and Leather, in various colours.

The Pak’s little brothers are Black Pak and Half Black Pak. Unicorn has their Maxi Wallet, used by Gary Anderson and Target produces the Takoma Wallet, used by Raymond van Barneveld.

To indeed be able to pack your lunch, or just a lot of other stuff, you could look at the Bull’s Master Pak or his even bigger brother; the Mega Pak (Game of Thrones fans, think of the Hound and the Mountain) These cases easily hold 4 sets of darts and surely also a lot of accessories. Their fat cousin is called the Win Pak (Samwell Tardy, who probably is not an actual cousin to the Clegane brothers), that also holds 4 sets of darts.

Some cases are specifically designed to store an intact set of darts. Good examples are the Aluminium Quiver and the Robson Dartcase. The latter is designed for Robson plus flight users, who have an absolute need for this type of case. Both these cases are available in various colours.

Some cases are worth mentioning because of their incredibly luxurious looks. The Bull’s Hatch Pak Snakeskin and the Bull's Fighter Wallet are great cases for players who like to be in the spotlights.

In short, only a blind man will not find his favourite Darts Wallet at Darts Warehouse.