Favero Game On Scoreboard + Remote Control

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Favero Electronic dartscorer.

The Game On Darts Scorer is perfect for in a pub, on the camping, or just at home. With this scoreboard you can easily keep track of the score. The scoreboard is easy to use by using the buttons. The scoreboard comes with an instructional manual. With the option “Start XXX” the player can choose the score the match is going to start with. With the “Memory Down” button both players can see their previous scores. With the option “Average” the players can see the average score they throw. After a leg the scoreboard will show the amount of darts that were needed and the total score. the scoreboard also gives the possibility to use it with a remote control. The measurements: 55 cm x 18 cm x 4 cm. There is a 1 year guarantee on this electronic device.

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