First Aid

This is unfortunately the most common accident in the sport of darts. Sometimes your shafts last for months, other times they break after the first throw. We therefore do not provide a warranty on shafts. It is recommended to always have enough shafts on hand so that you can continue to play darts.

That's a bummer! But not to worry, this is easily solved. View our point replacement service here.

Items & Maintainance

No. We do not take back articles that already show traces of use.

There is nothing more personal than finding the right dart. To get you started, we've compiled some lists of good darts. You can find them in the menu under Steeltip -> Lists.

This varies greatly and depends on the type of dartboard, the intensity of use and the conditions to which the board is exposed (favorable temperature, humidity and lighting). What is important is to rotate the dartboard regularly so that the wear is evenly distributed over the board! A dartboard is worn out when bumps and irregularities start to appear all over the board or when some triples and/or doubles are so bad that the darts fall out. In addition, the wiring can break, bend too much or start to show burrs. The main component of a dartboard is sisal, a plant fiber harvested primarily in Brazil, Asia and Africa. A common misconception is that a dartboard is made of horsehair. This is a falsehood! Another misconception is that a dartboard can be cleaned with water. Decidedly not true, because water makes the vegetable fiber expand greatly!

Per unit of ordered darts, flights and shafts you will receive a set of 3 pieces. The same is for example true for flight protectors, which are also packed per 3 pieces.

Orders & Payments

You can always find the shipping costs at the checkout of your order.

You can find the status of your order in your Darts Warehouse account. Once your order is shipped with us you will automatically receive a track & trace code in your mail. Very convenient!

Yes, you can pay later with Klarna or Afterpay.

If your payment gets stuck at an important moment, this can be very annoying. Please feel free to contact us, so we can check if your payment still went through!

Warranty & Returns

You can return an item up to 2 weeks after the delivery date. Returned items should not show any signs of use. You can register a return under customer service -> returns.

Yes you are! Our warranty period is up to and including one year after purchase. In case of damage due to normal use or overdue maintenance, you are not eligible for warranty.

Nothing is as annoying as receiving a defective product! In this case, please contact our customer service as soon as possible! Keep your order number at hand, so we can help you faster.

In this case, please contact our customer service as soon as possible! Keep your order number at hand, so we can help you more quickly.