Harrows Dave Chisnall Chizzy 90%

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Harrows Darts Set

Introducing Chizzy 90% Tungsten Darts - Precision and Performance.

The parallel barrel, made of high-quality 90% tungsten, features deep square-cut grooves along its entire length. This unique design provides excellent grip and control, allowing for accurate throws.

To meet Dave's request for improved grip and confidence during crucial moments of the game, they added a black titanium nitride coating to the barrel. This not only adds texture to the surface but also includes 9 strategically placed micro-cuts at the release points for superior grip.

As the icing on the cake, they applied a stunning metallic gold coating, combined with a black titanium nitride finish and re-cut silver sections, resulting in a visually striking dart that catches the eye.

Available in various weights ranging from 21g to 26g, with diameters ranging from 6.3mm to 6.8mm, these darts offer customization options to match your playing style and preference.

Experience the precision and performance of the Chizzy 90% Tungsten Darts. Take your game to new heights and dominate the competition. Order now and discover your darting potential!

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SKUHA-170902 HA-170903 HA-170904 HA-170905 HA-170906 HA-170907
EAN code5017626018192 5017626018208 5017626018215 5017626018222 5017626018239 5017626018246
Custom LabelAs seen on TV
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
Material90% Tungsten
ColourSilver, Black, Gold