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Are you searching for a new set of shafts for your darts? You're in the right place at Darts Warehouse. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality shafts, suitable for all levels and budgets. Whether you're a beginner dart player or a professional, we have the ideal shaft for you.

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  1. Target Pro Grip 3 sets ShaftsTarget Pro Grip 3 sets Shafts
    Target Pro Grip 3 sets Shafts
  2. Bull's Nylon Dura ShaftsBull's Nylon Dura Shafts
    Bull's Nylon Dura Shafts
  3. Bull's Spine ShaftsBull's Spine Shafts
    Bull's Spine Shafts
  4. Bull's Airstriper ShaftsBull's Airstriper Shafts
    Bull's Airstriper Shafts
  5. Bull's Nylon 'The Original' ShaftsBull's Nylon 'The Original' Shafts
    Bull's Nylon 'The Original' Shafts
  6. Bull's TISH22 Titanium ShaftsBull's TISH22 Titanium Shafts
    Bull's TISH22 Titanium Shafts
  7. Shot Eagle Claw ShaftsShot Eagle Claw Shafts
    Shot Eagle Claw Shafts
  8. Bull's Aviation ShaftsBull's Aviation Shafts
    Bull's Aviation Shafts
  9. Bull's Carboni ShaftsBull's Carboni Shafts
    Bull's Carboni Shafts
  10. Bull's Simplex ShaftsBull's Simplex Shafts
    Bull's Simplex Shafts
  11. Target Carbon Titanium Pro GoldTarget Carbon Titanium Pro Gold
    Target Carbon Titanium Pro Gold
  12. Bull's Shaft TestKit Black ExtendedBull's Shaft TestKit Black Extended
    Bull's Shaft TestKit Black Extended
  13. Bull's Dura Shaft Testkit BlackBull's Dura Shaft Testkit Black
    Bull's Dura Shaft Testkit Black
  14. Bull's Alu Shaft Testkit SilverBull's Alu Shaft Testkit Silver
    Bull's Alu Shaft Testkit Silver
    • NEW
    Unicorn Gripper 4 ShaftsUnicorn Gripper 4 Shafts
    Unicorn Gripper 4 Shafts
  15. Bull's Typhoon 2.5 gram shaftsBull's Typhoon 2.5 gram shafts
    Bull's Typhoon 2.5 gram shafts
  16. ! Bull's Simplex Grip Medium! Bull's Simplex Grip Medium
    ! Bull's Simplex Grip Medium
    Special Price €1.50 Regular Price €4.30
  17. ! Aluminium Shaft Assorti! Aluminium Shaft Assorti
    ! Aluminium Shaft Assorti
    €4.95 Regular Price €9.95
  18. ! Nylon Shaft Assorti! Nylon Shaft Assorti
    ! Nylon Shaft Assorti
    €4.95 Regular Price €9.95
  19. ! Bull's X-Ray Sidewinger Red Medium! Bull's X-Ray Sidewinger Red Medium
    ! Bull's X-Ray Sidewinger Red Medium
    Special Price €0.96 Regular Price €2.25
  20. Shot Eagle Claw Copper Orange MediumShot Eagle Claw Copper Orange Medium
    Shot Eagle Claw Copper Orange Medium
  21. Nylon Plain ShaftsNylon Plain Shafts
    Nylon Plain Shafts
  22. ! 10x100 Sets Nylon Shaft Assorti! 10x100 Sets Nylon Shaft Assorti
    ! 10x100 Sets Nylon Shaft Assorti
    Special Price €179.95 Regular Price €999.94
  23. ! 10x100 Sets Aluminium Shaft Assorti! 10x100 Sets Aluminium Shaft Assorti
    ! 10x100 Sets Aluminium Shaft Assorti
    Special Price €499.95 Regular Price €1,999.95
  24. Bull's Carboni 5-Pack ShaftsBull's Carboni 5-Pack Shafts
    Bull's Carboni 5-Pack Shafts
  25. Bull's Simplex SilverBull's Simplex Silver
    Bull's Simplex Silver

101 Items

Set Descending Direction
Discover our wide selection of Shafts at Darts Warehouse. Buy now and enjoy top quality, best prices and fast delivery.

Discover the Perfect Dart Shaft: From Aluminium to Poly Carbonate

Find the ideal dart shaft that suits your unique playing style. At Darts Warehouse, we offer an extensive range of dart shafts, from lightweight aluminium to ultra-stable Poly Carbonate (PC) shafts. Keep reading to find your perfect match.

Types of Dart Shafts: Make the Right Choice

Whether you're a beginner or a professional dart player, we have the right type of shaft to meet your needs:

  • Aluminium Shafts: Lightweight and sturdy, perfect for newcomers refining their technique.
  • Nylon Shafts: Durable and colorful, a favorite among many dart players.
  • Carbon Shafts: For those seeking extra stability, often the choice of advanced and professional players.
  • Poly Carbonate (PC) Shafts: Ultra-stable and durable, these shafts are an excellent choice for serious dart players aiming for optimal control.
  • Bull's Shafts: The best shafts in the market.

How to Choose the Best Dart Shaft?

Choosing the right dart shaft depends on multiple factors, including:

  • Weight: Prefer heavy or lightweight darts? The weight of the shaft can significantly impact the balance and flight pattern of the dart.
  • Length: Experiment with length to see what suits you best. Longer shafts offer more stability, while shorter shafts provide greater freedom of movement.
  • Material: While aluminium shafts are excellent for beginners, Poly Carbonate (PC) and carbon shafts can help experienced players elevate their game.

Order the Best Dart Shafts at Darts Warehouse

Look no further! At Darts Warehouse, you'll find a wide selection of dart shafts suitable for every playing style and level. From aluminium and nylon to Poly Carbonate (PC) and carbon, discover the ideal dart shafts for you. Order now for fast delivery and competitive prices.