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John Lowe: The Dart Legend of the Triple Crown

John Lowe is a name synonymous with the sport of darts. With a career spanning decades, this British dart legend has won the 'Triple Crown' of darts: the BDO World Championship, the Winmau World Masters, and the World Professional Darts Championship. Discover more about his legendary career and influence on the sport.

Remarkable Career

Lowe's darting career began in the early 1970s and quickly achieved significant success. His impressive record speaks volumes about his impact on the world of darts.

Achievements and Titles

  • Triple Crown

    John Lowe is one of the few players to have won the 'Triple Crown' of darts, an unparalleled achievement.

  • World Championships

    Lowe has secured multiple world titles and remains a fixture in the history books of the sport.

Style and Influence

John Lowe is known for his calm and composed playing style. His influence extends beyond his performances; he has contributed to popularizing the sport and setting new standards in gameplay technique.

Why John Lowe Is a Legend

With his rich history and lasting impact on the sport, John Lowe is undoubtedly one of the greatest dart players of all time. His contributions to the sport are legendary and continue to inspire people.

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