Puma Bandit Dartboard


Product Specifications

  • Quality Sisal
  • Razor bladed white wiring system
  • Bladed bulls
  • Depth of quality eco inks
  • Unique wall bracket
  • Complies with World Dart Federation Specifications
  • Official Dartboard of the World Cup 1999-2011
  • Full size board 18" x 1 1/2"


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The Puma Darts bandit dartboard implements the worlds finest bristle dartboard technology. A high visibility white razor bladed wiring system which is over 50% thinner than a standard dartboard with no wire or staples to prevent bounce outs for maximum scoring coupled with the use of the finest African conditioned self healing sisal bristle fibres at the optimal density ensures the Bandit, after 20 years arguably remains the finest and longest lasting bristle board on the market still today. Depth of quality eco inks provide a deep durable high visibility low glare colour-fast surface and all Puma Darts bandit dartboards come with the unique wall bracket included for ease of installing and rotation without removing dartboard.

For orders of 24 dartboards or more, please enquire here:   info@dartswarehouse.com


A Top Shelf DartBoard - DEAN

New board is great, love the bracket - super easy to install etc, a pleasure to play on! (Posted on 9/03/2015)

Few to zero bounceouts! - The Great White Shark

The Bandit’s 100% staple free and razor thin wires allow for hours of play with few to zero bounce outs. The deep vibrant colors and white powder coated number ring gives the board a nice clean appearance making the triples and doubles pop! All these great features allow for increased scoring! Made in New Zealand, the Bandit only uses the finest African sisal so with proper care and rotation this board’s lifespan is 2nd to none on the market!

Chris White
Professional Dart Player
(Posted on 31/10/2014)

Best board I have used! - Warren - Australia

"I have tried nearly every brand of dartboard and I can say without being biased that so far this is the best board I have used by far!

The reason for this is actually many. Firstly the printed logo’s are not off putting yet they are there, the numbers ring is the same as the logo’s not off putting but is viewable enough to know the segments.

I have found this board harder than other boards I have used. At first I thought the hardness of the board may be a deterant but far from it as I played more. To me, the hardness of the board is telling me it will last for along time (if rotated one segment every two weeks). The biscuits that make up the board will spread evenly thus keeping the board bristles tight.

I would recommend this board to anyone who wants a long lasting board but I also say to be patient with it being hard. Look after the board and it will look after you for many years." (Posted on 6/10/2014)

Absolutely amazing - Madi - Canada

"This board is absolutely amazing. All colors are bright, there is virtually no sounds when darts hit the board, and it is so simple to install with Puma's bracket! Every dart's score can be clearly seen, which is frequently a problem with other boards. Another plus, after retrieving your darts, the Bandit makes a very quick recovery, making it very difficult to see where your past darts may have landed. This is one of the best boards I have played on! Visibility and durability is exceptional! I would highly recommend this board to any player."
(Posted on 6/10/2014)

Durable, quality dartboard - Russell Stewart - Australia

"The Puma Bandit is a great board to play and practice on, both at home and in tournaments. I have no hesitation in recommending the Puma Bandit to anyone looking for a durable, quality dart board.

The sisal used in this board is of the highest quality, and it can take a daily beating – which means your treble 20 won’t look like Swiss cheese like some of the competitors dart boards.

The clarity and depth of colour with this board is second to none, which makes sighting your target easier and it almost eliminates the need to double-check where your dart has landed when it is close to the wires.

The wires are razor thin, and unobtrusive, making annoying bounce-outs a rarity.

The revised number ring design is excellent. It is by far the easiest to re-fit amongst the dart boards on the market. Combining this with the mounting bracket makes rotating your board a lot less awkward and time consuming."
(Posted on 5/10/2014)

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