Dart Mats

All the protective dart mats available from Darts Warehouse are listed below. We have a variety of dart mats available, including strong rubber dart mats, fabric dart mats, and foam dart mats.

Choose the most appropriate mat for you. All of our dart mats and oches are suitable for usage indoors.

On this page, you will find all the dart mats available from Darts Warehouse. The dart mat is essential for every dart player that plays darts or trains on a regular basis. As you place a dartmat underneath your dartboard, you almost always prevent the shafts of the darts or the points from breaking when they fall to the ground after a bouncer. Furthermore, many dart mats include an oche or throw line to ensure that you are constantly at the proper distance from the board.

Dartmat Varieties

Dart mats are available in a variety of styles and sizes from Darts Warehouse. The dart mats all contain a throw line or oche to ensure that you are always at the proper distance from the board. Rubber darts mats have the advantage of staying in place, not curling, and being simple to clean. Carpet dart mats, on the other hand, are more visually appealing and easier to move around.

Dart mats are designed to protect both the floor and the dart, however it is possible that a sharp dart will stick through the mat if it falls straight down.

Buying a mat online

When you are serious about playing darts, you will likely get a dart mat. You usually start with a dartboard and a set of darts, but you quickly discover that a dartboard surround, scoreboard, and dart mat are also useful. Dart mats come in a variety of materials, including strong rubber dart mats and carpet dart mats. Rubber dart mats are most commonly found in dart tournaments, advanced darts, and canteens. Carpet dart mats are mostly used at home because they offer a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than 'clumsy' rubber dart mats.

Do you have any queries about the dart mats available at Darts Warehouse? Please contact our customer support team!

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    Bull's Terra Carpet Mat 300x60cm B/R/Y
  1. Bull's Carpet Mat Green 241x80 cm
    Bulls Dartmat Tapijt
  2. Bull's Rubber dart mat + oche 300x60 cm
    Bull's Ochemat
  3. Bull's Rubber dart mat + oche 300x90 cm
    Bulls Ochemat
  4. Bull's Carpet Finish Dartmat
  5. Bull's Carpet Dart mat 300x65 cm
  6. Bull's Carpet Dart mat 300x95 cm Black
  7. Target Carpet Ink Dart Mat
    Target Dartmat Carpet
    Shot T-Mat Floor Protection 300x60 cm
    Shot Dartmat Rubber
  8. McKicks Carpet Dartmat Blue
  9. PDC Europe Carpet Dart Mat
    PDC Dartmat
  10. Bull's Rubber dartmat 300x90cm
    Bulls Dartmat
  11. Unicorn Raised Oche Puzzel Dartmat
    Unicorn Dart Accessory

14 Items

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