Which dart to buy?

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A helpful guide to choosing the right dart including dart information and dart terms.

What is soft or steel tip dart? 

Steel Tip Dart PointSteel Tip Darts: have a steel tip point that is fitted to the barrel and are thrown into a paper or bristle dartboard.

Soft Tip Darts: have flexible plastic tips which are thrown into a plastic or digital dartboard which have many small holes which retain the dart.


Brass or Tungsten darts?

Brass: Brass darts are the best choice for a beginner or occasional player on a budget.  The thickness of brass barrels can crowd out following darts, preventing tight groupings and high scores. See darts for beginners.


Tungsten: The higher the % of tungsten the narrower the dart can be as Tungsten is alloyed with nickel to give it strength. The higher the percentage of tungsten in the barrel, the better the dart and the greater the scoring potential.

70% Tungsten:
An affordable entry level tungsten dart. 
See Affordable 70% Tungsten Darts.

80% Tungsten:
Ideal for aspiring darters, 80% provides the perfect balance between quality and affordability.
See 80% Tungsten Darts.

90% Tungsten: Top quality darts for anyone serious about dart and professional dart players.
See Premium Quality Darts.


View Shot! Dart ranges at a glance

 Which dart weight is best?

choosing your dart weightGenerally a heavier dart will suit a more relaxed throw, while a lighter dart would suit some one who wants to put more effort in. Often ladies will choose a heavier dart to get more power but this is not always the case.

Steel Tip Dart Weights
Range 18gm to 32gm.
Most common  22-23gm with 24gm - ideal for beginners

Soft Tip Dart Weights
Traditionally range 14gms to 20gm
Heavier weight now introduced up to 25gm
Most common 18gm.

Try the tick box on the darts page for filtering your dart selection,
left hand side, this will guide you to choosing the right dart for you.

Dart Grip

Smooth hands call for a smoother grip, rough hands more rougher grip - but again its preference.  Some of the more popular grips are Shark Fin, Knurled, Ringed, Wave Grip, micro grip, Precision grip which are great for consistent finger positioning every time you pick up your dart.

All Shot! darts have a grip rating  - Grip rating 1 to 5

1 being low grip and 5 being high in grip.

Knurled Grip  Wave grip Shark fin

Commonly a criss-cross pattern.
Lady-S with Knurled Grip
Smooth rings which flow in waves.
Shot! 910 with wave grip
Cascading shark fin shapes.
Shot! 801 with Shark Fin Grip
Micro Grip Precision Grip Ringed Grip
Very close soft lines or rings form the micro grip.
Shot! 814 with micro grip
Similar to the micro grip but even finer creating a rough grippy surface.
Shot! 905 - 906 with precision grip
Multiple rings provide no slip surface.
Shot! 903 with ringed grip

Dart Balance

A dart balance can be in the front, back or balanced (centre) weighted.  Generally beginners like front loaded darts because if gives a more loop when throwing the dart, or a mid balanced darts.  Some examples of front loaded darts are Shot! 805 range, balanced darts Shot! 905 range  and a back weighted Scotty B V3 Back weighted

 Why choose Titanium Finish Darts?

A titanium finish darts offer a distinctive and classy look but it is also extremely practical and durable, created using leading edge technology.

This coating means that the tungsten underneath will not tarnish or corrode, deteriorate from salts, oils in your skin, dirt and grime build up or wear and tear, particularly given darters hands naturally release salts in the form of sweating.

tight grouping with tungsten dartsThe titanium finish coats the tungsten which protects the metal and is only 1 micron thick so having virtually no impact on the existing grip of the barrel or the playing weight, while ensuring the grip is protected under contact when the darts are subjected to high grouping.

Different titanium finish darts

We hope this information has given you an idea of where to start when choosing your darts.

If still need help choosing your dart please contact us we will be happy to help you.


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