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We offer a great range of dart shafts / stems to suit both the recreational players and also professionals. Shafts (also know as stems) are available in various materials, sizes and colours:

Nylon Dart ShaftNylon: Basic and economical these shafts are suited to the recreational user and are ideal for an entry level dart player. Available in 3 lengths; Extra short, Short and Medium.

Supergrip dart shaftSupergrip:This nylon shaft designed for the competitive player the supergrip comes in two lengths; short and medium. Fitted with a supergrip ring, this design helps to keep the flight on the shaft in play.

Side winder dart shaftSidewinder Nylon shafts:  The flight is opened and inserted into long split up the side of the shaft this provides built in flight protection, keeps the flight open and stable.

Polycarbonate Dart ShaftPolycarbonate Shafts: The polycarbonate (PC) shafts are similar to the nylon shafts however are more stronger and durable than the nylon shafts.

resin dart shaftResinous Shafts: Laro and L-shaft L-style shafts are made from natural resin which is ultra durable with strong hold and easy insert opening for flights.

re-machined aluminium dart shaftAluminium: Suited for the recreational user and also the professional players. Available in different lengths to suit your style of throwing. The aluminium shaft is a stylish high quality durable shaft.

spinning dart shaftSpinning: Designed for the competitive player a spinning shaft spins the flight to help prevent dart on dart deflections. The Silent L-Shaft is an example.

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L-Style Darts Shafts


Laro Shafts: Ultra-durable resonious construction with super strong hold and easy to insert opening. Works with any dart with standard 2BA threads.

L-Shaft: Ultimate combination of grip strength, ease-of-use, and performance. Use alongside L-Style's Shell Lock System or Champagne Flight/Ring to ensure a strong hold, prevent robin hoods, reduce deflections, and greatly increase the lifespan of a flight by protecting the flight where it is most vulnerable.

L-Shaft Silent: High durability polycarbonate shaft with a precise spinning ratio that doesn't wobble during drawback but spins easily upon contact with another dart.

Long or Short Shafts?

Using different length shafts and dart fights will change the way the dart fly’s. There isn’t a best shaft or flight to use as this is personal preference. If you are a watcher of darts and new to the game you will notice all darters will have their own preference in shaft length and type, plastic, metal, aluminium and nylon.

As a guide Short shafts tend to move the centre of gravity of the dart towards the front end of the barrel. For good throwing most dart throwers hold their darts at this point so if you hold your darts at the front end of the barrel the short shafts might be best suited to your throw. Long shaft will effectively move the centre of gravity of the dart towards the back, so if you throw your darts holding them at the back of the dart a long shaft my suit you better than short shafts.

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