What dart flight to buy

Dart flight shape is a personal preference. A standard shaped flight generally suits someone who throw is curved - lobbing the dart at the dartboard. A slimmer flight suits someone with a straight and fast throw.

Here are the different shapes available:

Standard Dart Flight ShapeStandard gives maximum leverage to the flight mechanism because of its larger area.

Kite dart flight shapeKite has a smaller area, thus giving the dart faster flying speed.

Pear dart flight shapeTeardrop allows maximum lift from a small flight and tends to keep the tail of the dart down.

Slim Dart Flight ShapeSlim is designed for the fast-flying dart and allows the tail to stay low.

Lantern Dart Flight ShapeLantern is very similar to the kite design but slightly more back heavy trajectory.

No.6 Shape Dart Flight ShapeNo.6 Shape is very similar to the standard shape flight, but more narrower through the top

With experimentation, you'll find the one that's right  for your game.

What material / weight flight should I buy?

75 Micron - Great economical start for home and social use.

100 Micron - Most common as is more durable that the 75 micron.

150 Micron - Superior Quality and durablity - stronger material means flights are ore likely to stay at 90 degrees so are more stable and as more durable get less flight damage with tight groupings.

Plastic Moulded - Superior durablity and strength , long lasting. Stay at 90 degrees and more secure fit to shaft.

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Standard Rings - like the L-Ring and the Aluminium Supergrip ring are designed to keep the flight securely on the shaft, these can be used with any flights by using the Shot! flight punch.

Wear and tear on dart flights

Flights are the most vulnerable part of your dart so it pays to check them over regularly for wear and damage as well a your shafts.   If notice your darts wobble on throw it maybe a sign to check them. It always pays to carry a spare set of each.

Some players like the dart protector on their flights to protect the central join against splitting when in play, these are an affordable accessory.

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