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How to Clean your darts!

clean your dartsTo greatly extend the useful life of your darts, clean them regularly. Perspiration from your hands can cause your darts to corode. Any mild cleaner that can remove oil will do: moist towelletes (wipes) are great use alcohol based ones not the ones that contain hand lotion!

By cleaning  your darts you  will not only make them last longer, but will also restore much of the grip by removing both the slippery feeling and the particles filling-in the hollows.

How to Use a Dart Sharpener

For steel tip darts you need a dart sharpener.  Without sharpening the tips of darts, they get dull and don't stick in the board. No matter how perfect a player's aim is, in the end it won't matter if their darts don't stay in the board.


1.Rub the end of the dart on the stone. Hold the dart parallel to the sharpening stone and lightly rub the dart’s end across the stone’s surface. Make sure to rotate the dart to properly sharpen all sides evenly. Check the tip continuously to ensure that it is sharpening properly and adjust sharpening accordingly.

2.Check the shape of the dart tip. Perfectly sharpened dart tips are not pointed; they have a slightly rounded tip. The tip needs to resemble a ball point pen tip to properly stick in the dart board. If the tip gets a point on it, lightly rub the end on the sharpening stone in circles until it is rounded.

Or you can buy a motorised dart sharpener. The slydart sharpener is an electronic battery powered sharpener.  Developed to fit the needs of both competition and beginner players.  The sharpener has 2 holes in the end which allows you to choose from 2 degrees of angle.  Left is 15 degrees and right is 25 degrees.   A little pressure and a few seconds is all that you need to sharpen the dart tip. View Slydart motorised dart sharpener.

Helpful Tips when sharpening your darts:

  • Don't overdo it. Darts sharpened to a point are too sharp.
  • Use regularly Check the tips of darts before throwing them.

How to get a broken shaft out of a barrel?

The Shaft Extraction tool has a special point that makes it quick and easy to extract broken shafts from your dart barrel.

 How to fix a broken dart point on a steel tip dart?

We sell a repointer machine for this or you can contact us and we maybe able to help you.

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