Bull's Shape 100 White Std.6 Flight

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Set of 3, 100 microns Bull's Flights

The modern Bull's Shape 100 Std.6 flight in white with a shapes design on it. Perfect for all darts and shafts. All Shape 100 flights have been tested by the Team Bull's players during competitions and have received their approval.

Like all Bull's flights, the Shape Flight Series is produced with durability in mind. The flights are made of a sturdier type of nylon, which makes them last longer. The nylon allows the flights to remain 100 microns thick without losing quality. This allows darters to play darts with them longer without experiencing a negative change in their darts.

The Bull's Shape 100 flights come in all the shapes that professional darts players use. View all Shape flights here.

  • Made of a sturdier nylon.
  • Professionally tested by the players of Team Bull's.
  • Perfect for all darts and fits all shafts.
  • Modern design.

Shape: Std.6
Color: White
Material: Nylon

More Information
EAN code8719075972915
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
Flight ShapeStandard-6
Flight Material100 micron
Flight ThemeAbstract