Bull's Mini Brass Darts Steeltip

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Mini Bulls Darts

Bull's Mini Brass Darts Steeltip are very tiny and a kind of gimmick. You can use these to play darts, but for example also as a thumbtack. The smaller size makes them great for kids!

The Bulls Mini Brass Darts are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to play with a bit of fun. You can use these darts in any combination of party games, and they’re great to throw around between that as well. These darts are designed to be durable and reliable, so you will have fun playing them over and over again.

Total Length 5,2 cm
Width 0,4 cm
Total Weight 2,7 gram
More Information
EAN code8719075973240
Custom LabelGeen
Darts Length-34 mm
Darts Width-6 mm
Darts GripKnurled
Darts MaterialBrass
Color BarrelGold
Darts ShapeStraight