Bull's Geert Nentjes 80%

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Premium Quality and Design Excellence

For darts enthusiasts aiming for perfection, we introduce the Geert Nentjes 80% Steeltip Darts. Crafted from 80% tungsten, these high-quality darts guarantee durability and consistent performance with every throw. Available in various weights and dimensions, they're perfect for any player looking to refine their game.

The Unique Bull's Concord Nose Design

Setting these darts apart is the innovative Bull's Concord nose design. This meticulously crafted feature ensures a seamless transition from point to barrel, reducing drag. It offers players a smooth release, leading to more accurate and consistent throws.

Strategic Grip Zones for Superior Control

With strategically positioned grip zones on the barrel, players achieve ultimate control over their throws. These darts are not only impeccably balanced but also guarantee an aerodynamic flight with each throw. Step into the world of precision with the Geert Nentjes 80% Steeltip Darts and let your skills shine.

  • 22 grams - 52mm x 7.21mm
  • 23 grams - 52mm x 7.3mm
  • 24 grams - 52mm x 7.45mm
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SKUBU-28522 BU-28523 BU-28524
EAN code8719075974469 8719075974476 8719075974483
Custom LabelGeen
Country of ManufactureNetherlands
Material80% Tungsten