Bull's Condor Axe Kim Huybrechts Std.

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Set Bull's Condor Flights

The modern Bull's Condor Kim Huybrechts flight and shaft system in black with the logo of Kim Huybrechts on it. Fits all darts. Kim Huybrechts plays his matches with these flights, so they are tested and proven.

Like all Condor flights, the Kim Huybrechts flight is produced with durability in mind. The flights are made from a stronger resin, which makes them last longer. The resin keeps the flights in shape, even when they are pressed flat. Condor flights are known for their phenomenal performance and durability.

  • Made of a sturdier type of resin.
  • Professionally tested by Kim Huybrechts.
  • Fits all darts.
  • Modern design.

Shape: Std.
Color: Black
Material: Plastic

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SKU BU-51805 BU-51806 BU-51807
EAN code 8719075972342 8719075972359 8719075972366
Brand Bulls
Flight Material Plastic
Flight Shape Standard
Flight Theme Dartplayers
Country of Manufacture Japan