Bull's Carpet Finishmat + Oche | 300x60 cm

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Bull's Carpet Dart mat

Refine Your Darts Experience with the Bull's Finish Dartmat 300x60 cm + Oche

Step into a new realm of darts precision with the Bull's Finish Dartmat 300x60 cm + Oche. This mat, optimized for both space and functionality, now comes equipped with a built-in oche, providing a uniform and measured starting point for every throw. It’s the perfect choice for dart players who are looking to improve their game.

Compact Design, Uncompromising Precision

The Bull's Finish Dartmat 300x60 cm + Oche is compact yet packed with features that amplify your dart-playing capabilities. With quick-reference finishing combinations printed directly on the surface, you no longer need to be a math wizard to decide your next shot. The mat grants you the unique blend of size and feature-rich design to elevate your performance.

Stylish and Functional, in Every Way

Not only does this mat score high on functionality, but it also brings a stylish element to your game room with its eye-catching black and red color combination. The anti-slip backing ensures stability during play, while the resilient surface material promises a long-lasting experience.

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Custom Label10% Pallet Discount
EAN code8719075967089
Country of ManufactureNetherlands
Type MatCarpet, Oche Mat
Color MatBlack, Red