The Blade 6 Triple Core dartboard is the most technically advanced dartboard available and the result of 30 years of technical innovation.

The Blade 6 Triple Core sisal base complements the Sixth Generation Blade technology and provides the ultimate combination for optimal fibre density and maximum score.

The revolutionary Triple Core sisal base complements the Sixth Generation Blade technology and offers the ultimate combination for optimum fibre density and maximum score. The Triple Core Carbon features an all-new patented system with a seamless playing surface and a third, high compression layer, with carbon fibre-reinforced sisal. The ultimate in dartboard construction, with optimum fibre density, unrivalled dart retention and maximum score. Finished with all-new graphics and the world's first laser-cut anti-glare chapter ring for the ultimate playing experience.

The groundbreaking Blade web design features the latest 'Density Control™' wire for optimum fibre density and improved dart retention in the double, treble and bullseye zones to ensure optimum scoring power. The ultra-thin wire with a 60° angle deflects darts in the scoring area and ensures absolutely minimal bounce-outs. The fully hardened bullseye and outer ring, made of 'Density Control™' wire, are now 25% thinner. Equipped with the easy-to-adjust Rota-Lock mounting system and including the Spirit Master leveling tool, the Blade 6 Triple Core fits on any wall so you can play right away.

The Blade 6 Triple Core is made with the best of the best materials in the industry.

Made from the finest East African sisal, ideal for the most demanding players and any environment. Blade 6 Triple Core is designed to the official specifications of the World Darts Federation and is recognised by the world's leading professionals. Blade 6 Triple Core represents a quantum leap in dartboard design and is the culmination of Winmau's 75-year history.

These Exact darts are a tribute to Michael's tremendous dedication and pursuit of perfection.

This model features precision machined diameters with Exact tolerances, hand-finished grooves, an atomised surface for a distinctive "soft" feel, and is built with the same exact weight and balance as the model used by MvG to perform in the world's biggest stadiums.

The Plasma Lighting System.

This product is designed to be brighter, is unobtrusive, lightweight and delivers unsurpassed lighting performance.

Dynamic light distribution to the exact place you need it - no side glare.

No stress or hassle, this light is intuitive and fits on any dartboard.