How to pick a dartboard.

There are various varieties of dartboards available, but the most prevalent are bristle and electronic dartboards.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, so the first decision you must make is whether you want a traditional or electronic dartboard.

The simplest way to think about it is to consider whether you prefer the quality of a traditional dartboard or the advantages of an electronic dartboard. Let's delve a little more into it.

What to look for in a bristle dartboard?

The bristle dartboard is the most popular sort of dartboard you'll come across. It was created in the 1930s, but it gained popularity in the 1970s. Around the same time, these became the standard tournament dartboards.

Compressed sisal fibres are attached to a board to make these dartboards. Metal bands and staples are used to keep the edges together.

When you take a dart out of the board, the hole closes behind it, thanks to the sisal bristle fibre. This means it will last longer than traditional wood dartboards.

Choosing a good board.

The first thing you should look for is a board that meets with competition requirements. Cheap dartboards will not last as long as more expensive dartboards because the fibres are not as tightly compacted.

Additionally, since sisal is the greatest material for a bristle dartboard, avoid dartboards made of other fibres because they will not last as long.

Rings that can be removed.

A removable number ring is another feature to consider when purchasing a dartboard.

This is due to the fact that some numbers are hit more frequently than others. As a result, you'll want to be able to rotate the board so that some areas don't wear down faster than the others.

A detachable ring is used for this. You can remove it, rotate the board, and reconnect the number ring to prolong the board's life.

What to look for when buying an electronic dartboard?

This is most likely the fastest growing darts category. They're appearing all over the place, including at bars. These dartboards can also be configured for league play versus other individuals on the network.

Electronic darts is also known as soft-tip dart, because the darts you use on an electronic board have a softer plastic tip rather than a metal tip.

Thousands of tiny holes cover the dartboard. Because the hole is smaller than the dart tip, the material must expand and capture the dart as it passes through. In addition, the hit is automatically recorded when it enters.

Why should you get an electronic dartboard rather than a standard bristle dartboard?

Bristle dartboards are of superior quality than electronic dartboards, are more realistic, and are unquestionably preferred by pros.

So, why do people enjoy electronic dartboards?

Electronic dartboards are more safe.

The most important reason to purchase an electronic dartboard over a bristle dartboard is safety.

Darts have a tendency to bounce off the board, and steel tip darts can be quite hefty. This can result in damage to your walls, flooring, or youngsters who get too close to the board.

To be honest, you should never play near children, but you never know when one will rush by and get hit by a steel-tipped dart.

As a result, soft tip darts and electronic dartboards are the best suitable for families.

Electronic dartboards have some really cool features.

The features of an electronic dartboard are simply unrivalled. You can get a plethora of different games and variations, data to inform you how you're doing, automatic scoring, handicapping built in, and an exciting and dynamic board.

Choosing which electronic dartboard to purchase.

One of the best things about these dartboards is that they are often larger than tournament boards. They do this to put more holes on the board, but it also makes it easier for a beginner to hit, making them significantly more popular with new players.

If you want to play in a league or a tournament, seek for a regulation size electronic dart board (15.5′′). You must pay close attention to this because many do not appear in this size.

You'll also want to look for narrow dividing parts (allowing for more holes in each area).


We recommend the Bull's Advantage 501 as a good classic dartboard. This board is constructed of high-quality African sisal, and you can hardly feel the steel wiring when you run your fingers over it, resulting in less bounce-outs.

For a high-quality electronic dartboard, we recommend the Bull's Universum.