Shot Darts & Devon Petersen team up!

Shot Darts has announced its partnership with Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) star Devon Petersen. Shot will be launching a brand new dart line for the 'African Warrior' this month. Shot's in-house design team have worked closely with the African Warrior himself to create a spectacular dart range. The range showcases yet another stunning design, something Shot is known for - all manufactured in the Shot factory in Katikati, New Zealand.

Devon Petersen The Greatness Banner

The Shot Devon Petersen The Greatness 90%

The Shot Devon Petersen "The Greatness" is a high-end, rocket-shaped dart made from 90 percent tungsten that is coated in a protective Black Titanium body with gold PCT accents. In addition to having a precise mid-back balance, the tapered, double shark grip nose has additional grooves to help you maintain a consistent finger posture. Deeply machined patterns form a circle of spears around Shot's unique Iklwa grip in the midsection, providing more control and an easy release. The finish includes a 4/5 texture shark grip and a grip tip that is slightly off-centre.

Devon Petersen Wisdom Banner

The Shot Devon Petersen Wisdom 80%

Sometimes you just get a feeling. Maybe it's the first time you glimpse the Shot Devon Peterson Wisdom 80%'s flawlessly balanced, mid-weighted spear silhouette. When you hold the 80 percent tungsten barrel between your fingers and feel the delicately etched Iklwa grip, you know you're in for a treat. When you discover the ideal place to cast this fast, agile all-rounder, along its shark back, nose and tail, you'll know you've found it. Maybe that's after you win a match with this pick-up-and-play dart set.

The Shot Devon Petersen Courage 90%

The Shot Devon Petersen Courage 90% features a precise mid-rear balance and a mild 3/5 grip. Tapered, symmetrical double shark grooves allow you to place your fingers exactly where you want them on the dart, on every throw. A laser-etched Iklwa is engraved into the protective black titanium. Wide grooves identify finger reference points, which hold your fingers tight until you let the dart fly.

And of course, no launch is complete without a new batch of matching flights.

These flights are all made in a style that represents the roots of Devon Petersen. And let's be honest; they turned out very nice.